Be An Amazing Catechist is an Inspirational Read

Now that school has resumed, we are looking forward to our children returning to their CCE classes in September.  Across the country Catechists this weekend and next are preparing to teach children and youth about their faith using the Catechism.  For those who bless their parish community by teaching CCE, Our Sunday Visitor presents a new booklet to aid you in your ministry.  “Be an Amazing Catechist. Inspire the Faith of Children” by Lisa Mladinich speaks to experienced catechists, those new to the ministry, and individuals discerning the call to teach our faith.  This 32-page magazine style booklet contains great suggestions, resources and tips for teaching the catechism to children from preschool all the way to high school age. 
Reading Be an Amazing Catechist, generates excitement about spreading the faith to the next generation.  Lisa prepares the catechist by giving starting points to enhance your catechism instruction.  The booklet instructs the catechist to understand the specific nature of your age group, identify your instruction style, and recognize and direct your teaching to different types of learners in your group.  Helpful tips aim to improve your confidence in teaching, empower you on addressing potential problems in the classroom, and get parents and families involved in their child’s faith education.
Lisa provides varied resource lists to supplement your parish curriculum and aid you as the year progresses, including where to find the catechism & bible online, free catechetical puppet scripts, arts and crafts, and more.  Please be aware that you might need to clear any resources not provided by your parish to be used in your official parish catechism classes with your Director of Religious Education.  
The author, Lisa Mladnich, has written an inspirational guide for all those who are called to be a catechist to our children.  At the start of this new school year, share Be An Amazing Catechist with your parish Director of Religious Education and fellow Catechists.  


Lisa Henley Jones