Summer Reading Programs

As you can tell from the number of book reviews lately here on Of Sound Mind and Spirit, Shelly and I are both reading like mad this summer.  There are so many great books that I find myself counting down the time everyday until I can sit still to devour my current selection.
We all know that children can backtrack during the summer while away from their schoolwork.  Participating in several summer reading programs motivates my children to keep up their reading skills during these long hot days.  With a trophy as a reward, the program at our local library rates at the top of our favorites.  The kids and I attend weekly story time at the library geared for the elementary set.  In the last few weeks, my children experienced a puppet show, mad science experiments, marionettes and saw turtles and springer spaniels up close and personal.  Yes, our local library hosts “hands on” library time for the over kindergarten crowd.  In addition, we check out tons of books at each visit.  My husband chides me for allowing them to check out so many at one time, but I am a sucker for books.
Half Price Books has another great reading program giving children a $3 store gift card once a week for 5 days of reading.  My kids appreciate choosing a new book as a reward for simply reading every day.

Recently I discovered a new summer reading program geared toward Catholics.  Aquinas and More Catholic Goods is sponsoring the Catholic Summer Reading Program for adults, teens and children.  Their suggested reading list includes fiction and non-fiction on a variety of topics.  Not only do they suggest and encourage great titles, they host online discussions of each book listed.  Children fill out a form as they read each suggested book to send in for a prize. 
Reviewing their adult list, I found several books that are on my “to read” list.  This summer reading program gives me the incentive to move those titles up on my “to be read next” list. 


Lisa Henley Jones