FaceBook Brought Me Comfort

Our family pediatrician sent our 3-year-old daughter to the emergency room at Texas Children’s Hospital last Friday.  After many hours of testing and waiting, the on call doctor admitted her for treatment and observation.   Sitting and waiting for hours while your little one is extremely sick and in pain taxes your body both physically and emotionally. Thankfully my husband was able to join me early in the day, so we supported our youngest together.
We updated our family and friends throughout our hectic day via phone calls, text messages, email and with our FaceBook status.  My sister, Shelly, updated friends through our Of Sound Mind and Spirit FaceBook page throughout Birdie’s hospitalization. Our friends and family then posted our situation on their own status, asking for prayers and positive thoughts. Within moments, Facebook connected our family with friends of friends of friends into an immense prayer chain.
I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support offered to my family through all of this technology.  The multitude of FaceBook messages offering their prayers and best wishes for our little Birdie deeply moved me as I fought emotional and physical exhaustion Friday night. The outpouring of love lifted our spirits and helped us remain focused on helping our daughter get well.  It also reaffirmed there are some incredible people out there praying for us.
I’ve often prayed for people after reading their story or a status on Facebook, and I’m fascinated how the advance in our technology creates positive connections. While Birdie is still recovering from her illness, we are blessed to have so many of these positive connections and influences in our lives. Thank you to everyone who thought of us.


Lisa Henley Jones