The Light of God Shines for All

by | Jun 15, 2010 | Catholicism

Although he has attended Mass with me for most of our married life, my husband is not Catholic; he was raised in the Methodist faith. The other day – out of the blue – he asked me if I thought Catholicism was the one true faith.
“Yes,” I had to answer.
After a moment’s silence, he asked me what I thought about the other Christian faiths. I told him that the best advice I’ve ever uncovered about how to consider the various Christian faiths comes from the author John D. Fitzgerald from his book Papa Married a Mormon.

“The Catholic Church is the Mother Church and all religions are windows in the Mother Church. And if you break one of these windows, you desecrate the Mother Church.”

The analogy provides a simple, perfect image of God’s love that we can all understand. His light, His love, streams through a stained glass window, where the rays come through in various colors and patterns. How we love God, learn about God, approach God, may vary as it is filtered, but the light, the love, at its source is pure, steady, constant, and bright.


Shelly Henley Kelly