Don’t Wait: Share Your Love

Last week I joined my work colleagues to say farewell to a long-time employee who is retiring and moving away. During the reception I noticed the similarities to Nick’s funeral. I’m standing in a receiving line, where hugs are offered, while a picture slide show runs in the background, and flowers adorn the side tables.

As I sit on the side of the room listening to colleagues offer tearful, heartfelt messages, I grow uneasy, a rising panic. It catches me off guard and I feel like shouting, “She isn’t dead. She’s only moving to Austin. You can talk to her. You can visit her.”

It’s not the same.

I understand how they will miss her closeness and camaraderie, because she will no longer be a major part of their daily lives. It’s so wonderful that they made this opportunity to tell their friend how much they value her to her face. To acknowledge her impact on their lives in the witness of her family, co-workers, and colleagues.

We all need to take more time in our lives to tell each other how much they mean to us. The comments we prepare for a retirement or a eulogy really should be shared with the person while they are living. Don’t wait for a retirement. Don’t wait for a funeral. Take the time now to tell special people in your life exactly what they mean to you and your family.
Write a card –
Go to lunch –
Give a hug –
Share a memory –
Laugh together.

Please don’t wait until it’s too late. Start today.


Shelly Henley Kelly