True Meaning of Easter

With Palm Sunday just ahead, you still have the opportunity to immerse yourself in meaningful reflection and meditation on the Passion of our Lord. There is still time to order a copy of The True Meaning of Easter, an audio CD containing the scripture of the Passion combined with excerpts of classic recordings by Archbishop Fulton Sheen. You will be touched and moved by the words of Bishop Sheen, as he provides thoughtful reason and understanding of the scriptures.
When the movie “The Passion of the Christ” first appeared in theaters, I heard repeatedly how watching this movie would change me and my understanding of the Passion & Resurrection. But I challenge that these recorded passages by Bishop Sheen are more moving, more passionate, and more thought-provoking.

I must admit that before receiving this recording I had never heard of Bishop Sheen, but I have since learned that he was a true pioneer in Catholic broadcasting. He used the “new media” of radio and television to spread God’s word to the masses. His words may be read and heard in over 100 books, pamphlets, radio and television broadcasts. I’ve also picked up a copy of his autobiography Treasure in Clay to read to better know this scholar.
The audio CD begins with the story of the Last Supper, followed by Bishop Sheen’s commentary on this piece of scripture. In a calm, soothing, voice, he recalls the history and understanding of the Passover. He reminds us that even before the Passover even, the “sacrificial lamb” played an important role in man’s relationship with God. As the tracks continue through various other scriptures with following commentary, Bishop Sheen’s voice grows stronger and more passionate. When he speaks of Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane, Bishop Sheen examines and compares how the fate of humanity revolves around two gardens – Eden & Gethsemane. Likewise, he examines the two natures of Jesus; at Gethsemane Christ did not pray “Our Father,” but “My Father.”
Bishop Sheen speaks with passionate authority that is not condescending, but emotionally strong and resonant. I strongly recommend that you listen to these words as you prepare for Holy Week and the Easter Season. Bishop Sheen states that the purpose of God coming to this Earth is to bring us in perfect union with our Father. Take advantage of this CD from The Catholic Company to help you develop that union and meditate on the True Meaning of Easter.

As a reviewer for the Catholic Company, I received a free copy of this product in exchange for my honest review.


Shelly Henley Kelly