It’s Not to Late for Lent

by | Mar 8, 2010 | Lent

At Mass yesterday, our priest pointed out that we find ourselves suddenly about halfway through Lent.  He asked us how our Lent was coming.  Are we following through with our resolutions?  Are we fully preparing for Christ’s passion and resurrection?  Or, do we keep promising to start tomorrow? 
Reflecting on his homily, I can honestly say that on a few resolutions I am definitely following through.  I have made a pillowcase for the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge and filled 10 bags for the 40 Bags in 40 Days, I pray daily for the 40 Days for Life and am actively reading Consoling the Heart of Jesus.  I’ve also been pretty good about working with the kids through their Lenten activities, diligent about turning off the TV each night by 10 p.m. and not talking on my cell phone while driving.
However, some of my more personal, spiritual resolutions are not going as well. These are the ones I struggle with every year.  I want to pray a daily rosary, attend a weekly adoration and read the daily scriptures.  As I get to the end of each day, I realize I did not set these as priority before I got tired.  
As I sat in Mass thinking over both my successful resolutions and the ones I struggle to meet every day, I was gently reminded that it is not to late to get it right.  We must make every day fruitful and not put it off till tomorrow.  Today, I ask you to pray for my continued resolve to meet my spiritual Lenten goals and I will pray for yours.  Even if you have not started any yet, it is not too late to begin.


Lisa Henley Jones