Filling the Emptiness

by | Mar 29, 2010 | Lent, Life, Working Mom

Last week I attended one of my monthly Pastoral Council meetings. They begin just after the 7 p.m. Mass, and as I slipped into a pew for Mass it occurred to me that I’d been away a very long time. I’ve missed church for the last three weekends because of work travel and vacation. I realize there are people who travel extensively who use Mass Times to identify the nearest Parish to fit in their schedule, but my situation did not provide me with the opportunity.

There have been times, especially during the summer when Sunday morning CCE is out, that I’ve missed a number of Sundays here or there. It’s easy to tell yourself you’re too busy, you deserve an extra hour of sleep, it’s just this once. The longer you’re away, the easier it becomes. Life keeps moving and you might not even miss spending that hour in prayer and communion with Christ. But before you know it, a hollow emptiness grows unaware.

At some point during that simple weekday evening Mass, I became aware of that emptiness as new feelings between to sweep over me.





I stumbled on my Lenten journey in that I allowed the business of family, work, and travel to distract me from daily readings, meditation, and prayer. But returning to the Mass filled me up and I left feeling renewed and restored.


Shelly Henley Kelly