Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto by Mark R. Levin

This week I finally read Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto by Mark R. Levin.  I discovered a book full of substance that lives up to its hype and NY Times Best Seller status, despite being ignored by the main stream media.  This is a must read for anyone who defines themselves as conservative, or anyone remotely curious as to what conservatives think. 
Levin does an excellent job of laying out the fundamental truths of conservatism as based upon the founding principles.   After illustrating a strong base in political theory and history, he shows the reader the path our country started on and points out the diversions we’ve taken leading us to our current position.  As he defines and discusses the essence of conservatism, he contrasts them with the beliefs of the modern liberal, or as he labels them, Statists.  It is illuminating to view the two positions laid out side by side from topic to topic through recent American History.  By showing the positions and specific actions taken in the name of Conservatives or Statists, you can clearly follow where those actions and positions have led us.
Reading this book at the conclusion of the current President’s first year in office was Providence.  As I made my way from chapter to chapter, I was continuously amazed at the historical relevance to what is occurring presently in our country.  Levin sets our current struggles with the economy, environmental activism, foreign policy, immigration and more within the historical perspective.  And once you see explicitly how our country arrived in this situation over the last 100 years, you stop viewing what is happening now as inevitable or insurmountable.
At the end of the book, Levin defines his “Conservative Manifesto”.  I will readily admit that upon reading these action items, I found myself shaking my head thinking that what needs to be done will never happen.  However, the author reminds us that while difficult, Conservatives must take up this Manifesto for the long term. It took Statists 80 years to bring our country to this point.  Levin argues that it will take Conservatives at least that long to get our country back on track.  In a world full of the quick fix, the author identifies specific long term goals necessary for us to implement in order to preserve this country for our children and grandchildren.
Mark Levin’s reasoning and thought, as well as his vast and obvious research, impressed me – someone who has spent much time obsessing on political theory.   He amassed a vast amount of information on key topics and presented them to the reader in a digestible and concise manner.  You do not need a degree in political science or theory to comprehend the principles and arguments made throughout the book.  He has successfully written a book for all who want to educate themselves about the destructive path our country is on and lays out the framework for conservatives to begin the necessary work to preserve our nation.

I understand all the well-deserved praise over this book.  Not only educational and motivating,  Liberty and Tyranny is a great read, and timely considering the current status of our nation.


Lisa Henley Jones