This is Not a Baby

by | Dec 14, 2009 | Life

The courageous young men and women over at Live Action are at it again.  This group, started by UCLA college student, Lila Rose, goes into Planned Parenthood centers undercover across the country to show the world what really goes on behind their closed doors.  Previously, Ms. Rose has exposed numerous Planned Parenthood clinics violating reporting laws by concealing sexual abuse of minors, thus prompting state investigations into those operations.
This new undercover Planned Parenthood video from Wisconsin, the first in Live Action’s “Rosa Acuna” Project, shows a woman being counseled by a doctor that having an abortion is actually safer than having a baby. As she asks questions, over and over the nurse and doctor tell this young woman that an abortion gets rid of the pregnancy, that there is not a baby.  According to the nurse, there is no heartbeat for a fetus until around 18 weeks and its not a baby until birth.
Watching this video affirms recent statements by Abby Johnson, former Director of Planned Parenthood Houston’s Bryan clinic, about Planned Parenthood not interested in educating women about pregnancy, but instead focusing on increasing their abortion numbers for monetary gain. Live Action has done a good job of pausing the video to replay segments of interview with Ms. Johnson.
Planned Parenthood supporters insist that their clinics are about educating women so they can make an informed decision regarding their health and pregnancy.  I agree that women should have all the facts before making such a permanent and serious decision.  Being pregnant is a life altering situation, and any decision to terminate that pregnancy should be treated with the gravity and dignity that life deserves.  But what Planned Parenthood does in this video is not education.  These two health professionals want to do anything other than discuss what truly is happening in the body of a pregnant woman.
Watch this video for yourself to decide if this clinic is truly focused on providing the young woman all the information she needs to make an “informed choice.”
** If you are not familiar with Live Action, take a look back through their site for previous videos and statements.  If a video purports to show illegal activity on the part of the clinic, Live Action does provide an unedited copy of the video to the appropriate authorities for review. 


Lisa Henley Jones