Good Deed Beads

Good Deed Beads with St. Therese of Lisieux
Good Deed Beads with the Little Flower
Over a year ago, I added a beautiful beaded bracelet to my limited jewelry collection that people ask me about often. The silver beads have little crystals in the center of flowers strung together with black cording and a charm of St. Therese and a crucifix dangling at the clasp. They are called Good Deed Beads and I first heard about them from Catholic Moments with Lisa Hendey almost 2 years ago.
The description that comes with your beads states:

Your “Good Deed Beads” are a string of ten beads, which can be pulled from side to side and will remain in place. As a child, St. Therese of Lisieux used similar beads to count the “gifts” she offered to God each day. Use the beads to count the times a temptation, such as showing impatience, or anger, or eating without being hungry is rejected. These sacrifices can in turn be offered to God for a predetermined intention, such as the health of a friend or your own growth in virtue.

I have worn my beads almost every day for over a year and given several as gifts to family and friends. The temptations I count with my beads change depending on what I am feeling every day. Some days, I use my beads to count positive things, not just temptation avoided, such as prayers offered up in a day for someone special or praise offered to one of my children as they’ve earned it.

The beads can be found at and there are many different styles to choose from for women and children.


Lisa Henley Jones