Give This Christmas Away

Give this Christmas AwayWhile shopping at a local Christian bookstore recently, I picked up a little inspirational book titled 101 Simple & Thoughtful Ways to Give This Christmas Away by Matthew West.
This small, hardback book offers inspirational, out of the box ideas of how to have a better Christmas. It is a quick and easy read – I sat and read it while waiting for my daughter at choir practice. You may want to dog ear pages or highlight suggestions as you go.
It didn’t take me long to read one that really hit home for me. #4 is “Write a Letter”. The author encourages you to write a real letter, not text message or email, but an old-fashioned pen and paper letter to tell someone how much they mean to you. His mentions that after his grandmother passed away, he regretted that he didn’t write her often enough when her health was fading. As I read this one, my eyes welled up. My husband’s grandmother has been in the hospital ICU this last week with heart trouble. And now that she’s been released and is at home resting, sending her a heartfelt letter has become very important to my husband.
There are many beautiful ideas that work for our families, coworkers, friends and kids of all ages. And the ideas will work not just for Christmas. I found myself taking notes of things to incorporate into our lives year round.
I really want to pass this book on to others so they can share in the wonderful ideas, so we’re offering a copy to a randomly selected person who comments from now until the end of the Christmas season (Jan 6). While preparing for Christmas is suddenly another year away, a copy of this book will not only get you ahead of the game for Advent next year, but help you find many beautiful ideas of how to Give Christmas Away all year round.


Lisa Henley Jones