Are you Ready?

by | Dec 23, 2009 | Uncategorized

In our family celebrating Christmas begins on Christmas Eve, which makes today the Eve before Christmas Eve.

My last day of work (the day job) ended yesterday in a flurry of minutia cleaning off my desk, and leaving myself to-do notes about what tasks need to be resumed in January. Last night bustled with making grocery lists and planning meals for the coming days. Today will be spent largely in the kitchen.

Then, this morning I awoke with a sense of calmness. My younger daughter joined me in the kitchen and pulled open the window blinds revealing a beautiful sunrise. She climbed into my lap as I sat with my coffee, taking advantage of a quiet moment to read The Word Among Us. Together we read aloud the day’s readings and the meditation. As we read, the sun rose, spreading light across the room.

We’ve been so busy this Advent, running around preparing for meals, preparing for our gift-giving, preparing for parties, preparing for travel, that this morning was a welcome reminder of what we’re preparing for…

“Yes, he is coming!” Malachi 3:1

Not feeling the spirit yet? Click on the song title and listen to For unto us a child is born by Point of Grace. You’ll soon be rejoicing.


Shelly Henley Kelly