Those Little Moments: Silent Night

After a crazy, family filled, turkey fest long weekend that included both my husband and I being sick, I was strangely looking forward to school starting again.  Hopefully, it bringing a sense of normalcy back to our lives during the busy season.
Never would I have imagined we would have a peaceful, wonderful moment in the chaos of after school dinner time activity.  Each of the kids was working on homework or drawing while I was working on preparing dinner. Since we had gotten the Christmas storage boxes out of the garage, we were in the mood to put in our first Christmas CD of the season.
All of a sudden, I looked up and smiled.  Everyone was content, dinner was going fine and Silent Night came over the radio speakers. For a few moments, we had complete peace and beauty in our house.
Hearing the words to that song in the moment filled me with awe as to what is truly coming as we come to the end of Advent.  It was a special moment for our family – a little light of peace and calm in the midst of our otherwise busy lives.


Lisa Henley Jones