The Meal Box

Last month, I received a new product from Loyola Press called The Meal Box.  The description in the Loyola Press catalog intrigued me because it sounded like something my family could enjoy together …

Family conversation at mealtime just got a lot more fun—and a lot more faith-filled—with The Meal Box, the perfect antidote to family dinnertime drudgery.

We have not been disappointed with this box of 54 cards, each with a creative question to spark family dinner table conversation.  These questions are great and appropriate for all ages (my own kids are ages 3-7 yrs old).  They ask creative and open ended questions that are sure to start a fun conversation at the dinner table or anytime you choose.

 Last night, we answered the question, “If you could release a helium balloon with a message card attached to the end of the string, what message would you write for the unknown recipient to read?  The kids had never heard of this tradition, so it gave my husband and I a chance to tell them our stories of releasing balloons as children.  The kids had lots of fun describing the messages they would write and where the best place to release it might be for someone to find it.  Our daughter even decided it would be best to include an email address so the person who found it could send us their own message.

We’ve only had The Meal Box for a short few weeks, but the kids have fallen in love with it.  When I forget to bring them out at the dinner table, my husband and kids will all remind me, very loudly.  This is a great product that is appropriate for all ages of kids, teenagers and adults and would make a great gift for others. I know it will quickly become a favorite at your dinner table just like it has at mine.

As a reviewer for Loyola Press, we have received a free copy of this product in exchange for our honest review.


Lisa Henley Jones