Sacraments for Children

This week we’re reviewing the Three Brothers/Three Sisters Tote Set from the Catholic Company reviewers program.

The set includes seven books about the Sacraments, an Activity prayer card, and a deck of playing cards in a sturdy canvas tote just the right size for young children. After reading through the books, I asked my ten and seven year old daughters to read them. They happily went right to work.

My ten year old says they are too young for her, but my seven year old really enjoyed them – especially Betty Says, “I’m Sorry!” A Story Celebrating Reconciliation and John’s Special Sunday! A Story Celebrating Holy Communion.

Four of the books feature three brothers, while the other three books feature three sisters. The stories are simple and appropriate for kids 3-7 years old. Instead of suits, the deck of 52-cards features four matching cards of the sacraments and people involved. The “How to Play” card gives the directions for Go Fish, but children will also enjoy playing Concentration or another matching game appropriate for their age. The same bright, friendly art found in the books is featured on the cards.

This set is a great value and would make a wonderful Christmas or Birthday present for your young child, Godchild, grandchild, neice or nephew. I can’t wait to pass it on to my three and five year old neice and nephew so they can read up on the two Sacraments their sister and cousin will be celebrating this year.


Shelly Henley Kelly