Mission Sunday

This past Sunday the church celebrated Mission Sunday. In past years I have sat through many a homily delivered by a visiting priest responsible for a foreign mission in some part of our world. His homily always extolled their good deeds and suffering, ending with a request for a generous second collection.

So I settled into the pew with my envelope, check enclosed, waiting for our guest. But no visiting priest proceeded down the aisle, only Father Matthew. He delivered a wonderful homily for Mission Sunday.

He reminded us that Mission Sunday is not just about the second collection and giving money to foreign missions. It is about our personal contribution, asking to become more like Jesus, who washed the feet of his disciples to teach them to serve. Jesus wants us to spread God’s Love. How can we serve Him? Each answer will be unique and we must listen for and find the answer that fits you.

Father Matthew challenged us to be Missionaries within our own families, praying together, loving, respecting, and forgiving each other. He reminded us that working for Christ is not a part-time job.


Shelly Henley Kelly