Happy Birthday Stellan

by | Oct 29, 2009 | Children, Life, Prayer

In early July 2008, the woman we know as MckMama went for her routine 20-week ultrasound for her fourth pregnancy. She discovered that there was a problem with the baby’s heart. From that moment forward, this blogging mother of MSC (many small children; she has four) shared with her friends her fear, worries, determination, strength, and humbling faith.
Through word of mouth, her blog grew beyond expectations. There is a whole community that follows McKMama via her blog or twitter. I’ve posted about her before during one of Stellan’s previous hospitalizations.
Two days ago Stellan’s heart flipped into prolonged SVT and again things look very serious for him.
I keep thinking about this “miracle baby.” When they first learned about his heart condition, the doctors said they were 95% certain that he would be stillborn. Very few medical professionals actually thought this child would survive his birth (today, one year ago). Miraculously, he was born alive…and has survived incredible odds.
No matter what happens to Stellan today, I honestly see this child as a sign from God that He exists. That He answers prayer. That He has a plan and we don’t know what it is. That we must rely on blind faith. That God carries us through.
Stellan’s LIFE is a GIFT. It is a clear sign that one life, no matter how small, can make a difference. Here, at the end of Respect Life month, this child – whom doctors said would not be here today – struggles for his life and we pray for God to heal him. We also pray God’s will be done.

As I’m praying today for Stellan and his family, I’m reminded of these words MckMama wrote on August 7, 2008 before she knew Stellan would be born alive.

Stellan will live. He will! He will live here on earth, or he will live in Heaven with my sweet Jesus. God knows what He is going–for His glory–and none of this surprises Him. And, even if Stellan were to go home to Heaven today, I would still be so proud of all that he has accomplished even in his short life on earth!! I would count myself blessed to have carried him in my womb. And just as I have been a vessel of medication for him, Stellan has been a vessel of God’s work in my spiritual life! He has been a conduit of change and revival in countless others, too–I dare say more than some full grown adults!! Yes, Stellan will live!!


Shelly Henley Kelly