Don’t close your eyes

Earlier I received The Meal Box by Bret Nicholaus and Tom McGrath from Loyola Press. The set is designed to inspire faith-based family conversations around the dinner table. It looks like a deck of playing cards and each card contains a fun question on one side and a “food for family thought” tip on the reverse.
The Family Thought on our very first card read:

I recall how long it took to learn how to hit a baseball. As he pitched ball after ball my way, my father would chant, “Keepy your eye on the ball.” But fear had me closing my eyes and swinging blindly. In your life, what does fear prevent you from seeing?
My seven-year old daughter played her first season of softball last Spring. So I asked her if she had ever closed her eyes when the ball was pitched to her.

“Heck no*,” she replied “I’d be afraid if I closed my eyes the ball would hit me right in the face!”

Don’t close your eyes or life might hit you right in the face!

* We’ve been reading J.D. Fitzgerald’s series The Great Brain. The first person narrative consistently uses the phrase “Heck no” everytime he wonders if he’d learned his lesson yet.


Shelly Henley Kelly