Top Ten Reasons Catechists Volunteer to Teach the Faith

10 Reasons You should teach the faith to children

At our Catechist In-Service meeting the other night, our Elementary Faith Formation Coordinator told us her Top Ten Reasons Catechists Volunteer to teach the faith to children.

  1. Because we care about others
  2. Volunteering fills our Need to be Useful/Helpful
  3. Provides a Sense of Purpose
  4. An opportunity for Socializing
  5. Feeling of Achievement
  6. Teaching is a Challenge
  7. Demands Creativity
  8. Develops Leadership Skills
  9. Allows Self-Expression

And the top reason Catechists volunteer to teach the faith is…

10. Catechists are responding to a Calling . . . or an e-mail.

Pope Francis said, “Being a Catechist is a Vocation.”  Is it Your Calling? 

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Catechist Suggested Reading List

Below is our Reading List to help you grow and develop as a Catechist. 

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Shelly Henley Kelly