Fatherly Love

Last night I caught a pure and simple example of Fatherly Love.

Surely you know the story, it’s gone “viral” around the internet today. Steve Monforto, attending a Phillies game with his young family, caught a foul ball. His three-year old daughter, Emily, reaches up for it and grinning, he hands it to her. In the next second, she throws it back onto the field.

(I had a video here from YouTube, but it was pulled from YouTube for copyright issues by MLB. So please click on the photo and go to the MLB site to watch the video.)

You can’t hear the crowd, but you know that everyone around him must have audibly gasped or groaned, because the little girl immediately looks up at Dad as if to say Did I do something wrong? God has truly blessed this man. He scoops her up in a big hug and that look, that smile on his face… is so raw, it is pure Love. It brought tears to my eyes (and still does.)

May we all demonstrate that raw, pure Love towards our own children and families.


Shelly Henley Kelly