Bringing Up Geeks & a Giveaway

As a mom, I’ve read my share of parenting books. I want to share with you one of the best I’ve read! In her book Bringing Up Geeks, MaryBeth Hicks tackles current parenting trends and issues with common sense, honesty, a little humor, real life examples, and every day tips while keeping the ultimate goal in mind: to raise a successful, independent adult.

Mary Beth Hicks calls the book:

A breakthrough parenting book that redefines the meaning of “geek”—and inspires parents to free themselves and their kids from the ‘culture of cool.’

As I read the first chapter of the book, where the author discusses people reacting badly to her label of “Geeks”, I didn’t understand what she meant. Now that I’ve finished the book I too have seen that look cross a friend’s face when I say I want my child to be a Geek. I laugh, then reassure them that it is a really really good thing. In fact, Ms. Hicks uses “GEEKS” as an acronym to say, Genuine, Enthusiastic, Empowered Kids.

After an introductory chapter entitled, “So What If We’re Geeks,” the author introduces and details 10 Geek Parenting Rules. Each rule includes How-To’s, Tips and Uncool Answers as well as specific examples that are easy to follow. My favorite rules include, “Rule #1: Raise a Brainiac; Rule #2: Raise a Sheltered Kid; Rule #7: Raise a True Friend; Rule #8: Raise a Homebody; and Rule #9: Raise a Principled Kid.

Ironically, these 10 rules reflect how Shelly & I were raised, though I’m fairly certain my parents didn’t do it purposefully. If I asked my dad, he’d probably say much of this book is just common sense. And in a way, it is, or was for previous generations.

Hicks acknowledges throughout the book that the way of the Geek is not necessarily the easiest way to raise your child; that it can be a hard road. The section titled “Struggles For Geeks As Seen Through the Prism of Faith” (found in Rule #10 – Raise a Faithful Kid) strongly spoke to me. As I recall moments in my own childhood when I felt alone and uncool, I realize how much I’m dreading dealing with this inevitable aspect with my own children as they grow up. I found great comfort in the author’s words in this section with the reassurance that by raising my kids as faithful Geeks, I am also enabling them with the necessary coping skills for surviving any negative social implications of our chosen parenting style.

I love this book. I believe everyone with children should read and reread it many times. There is so much great, practical information in this book. It is much too powerful to convey it all in a conversation or blog post. My recommendation is to READ this book! And read it with a highlighter or pencil to underline, because it will become a helpful reference book as your children, their friends, schools and the culture changes year to year.

After I read this book, I went out and purchased many copies to share with my close friends. Since Shelly and I consider you, our reader, a close friend, we have a copy for you too. If you want to be entered in the giveaway for a copy of Bringing Up Geeks, please leave us a comment on this post during the month of September!

At the end of September, we will randomly draw a number. You have all month to enter. Tell your friends, tell your Mom’s group, tell everyone. It’s a must-read for all parents. Trust us!


Lisa Henley Jones