Thank you

by | Aug 3, 2009 | Children, Prayer

If you haven’t been over to MckMama’s blog about Stellan, but you’ve wondered how Stellan is doing, I have some good news.

While he isn’t entirely out of the woods, as you can clearly see, he is responding to treatment and has improved a great deal. God hears our prayers. Why this child and not others, I can’t answer. But I do feel very strongly that God has a plan for Stellan and He is working through MckMama and Stellan to reach us.

If you feel moved to help this family beyond prayers, they have a few special requests. I think we could all learn from this generous family.

We want to help you. How can we?

We have been so honored that so many of you are wanting to help us. We are so grateful for your willingness to be generous and thankful that God has placed you in our lives. ….

Our family would be tickled pink if you would take your willingness to give and to serve and to donate blood and to lavish love and whatnot and go and spread that out to other needy babies, children and families.

Want to send Stellan a stuffed animal? We’d rather you drove to your local children’s hospital and give one to a baby who has none. Wish you could hug us? We feel that love so strongly and thank you for it. Can you get to a shelter and hug a family who has no arms around them? Feel led to open your pocketbook? How generous! Please don’t send us money. We would rather you gave on Stellan’s behalf to Sufficient Grace Ministries, Until Journey’s End, the Liz Logelin Foundation or String of


Shelly Henley Kelly