by | Jul 27, 2009 | Children, Prayer

This is not going to be a well-written post.

I can barely find the words to type right now, but wanted to ask you all to pray with me for God’s will to be done for Stellan and the McK. family during this struggle.

The internet is a funny thing connecting people all over the world remotely. Through the internet people are able to come together to share their lives through Tweet, Facebook, Blogs, Ning, Plurk, podcasts, vidcasts, YouTube, and probably a dozen other sites and ways I’ve never heard of that will be all the rage next week.

And in an odd way, we connect with the people we follow. We feel as though we are – in some small way – a part of their lives. For people like MckMama, I think perhaps we are.

MckMama is the mother of four “Many Small Children,” the most …well-known… is Stellan. He was supposed to die in utero and never be born at all, but through God’s grace he was miraculously born alive. While his life has been a struggle with hospitalization and an ablation back in April, he has brought people from all around the world together in prayer and praise.

Stellan is not doing well and though I have never met MckMama, it is breaking my heart.

God’s will for Stellan to survive to birth and later to survive his surgery, has been a miracle in my eyes. I have felt at times that God hears us when we come together collectively to pray for Stellan.

Last night I prayed using my knotted Rosary from the CNMC (Thank you again, Zina) and today I have the Rosary in my lap still trying to focus my prayer on this nearly nine-month-old boy and his mother and father and the doctors trying their best to do God’s work.

Pray with me, please. Whatever God’s will is today, this family needs strength.

This is Stellan last Tuesday.


Shelly Henley Kelly