Help Me Pray Today

Help Me Pray Today, is a wonderful book that “helps” children learn to pray through simple rhyming prayers. Natalie Friedl, the author, has paired a short bible verse with each prayer representing a theme, such as Gratitude, Respect and Obedience. Equally wonderful to the prayers, are the accompanying illustrations. They are contemporary and juvenile without being too young for an older “kid” or adult to enjoy.

I heard about this adorable book from a great Catholic Mom podcast, Catholic Moments. In the podcast, Ms. Friedl explained to Lisa Hendey how the prayers were rhymes she developed with her own children to introduce them to praying at any time throughout the day. After discovering how well they remembered the rhymes and loved the prayers, it came together as a book to spread the joy of simple prayers with other families.

When the book came in the mail this week, the kids and I read it and instantly loved it. My 7 yr old decided right away that her favorite prayer is,

“Thank you, God, for all you do. Help me live each day for you!”

This is the last prayer with the theme of “Purpose”. The 4 of us recited it over and over until we memorized it. This prayer was a beautiful way for Ms. Freidl to end this book.

My younger kids have also picked favorite prayers which reflect their favorite interests and ages. Our 2 year old’s favorite is,

“Thank you, God, for my hands and feet. Help me try to keep them neat.”

And my 5 year old son’s favorite is,

“Thank you, God, for the clouds and sky. Help me watch as they go by.”

To anyone with young children, toddlers or babies, this book is a must have addition to their library, and makes a great gift.


Lisa Henley Jones