Do you flockNote?

Shelly and I have been fans of Matt Warner’s blog, Fallible Blogma, for some time, but only discovered his other creation, flockNote, in the Spring.

It is a great new, easy way to connect to your parish, diocese, and others in your Catholic community. Did I mention that it’s free? There are two ways to “use” flockNote.

  • As a leader in the Catholic community, you can send notes to your entire flock – or just a specific group – without the frustrating job of managing multiple mailing lists by email.

  • As a member, you can get the latest news and information from the groups you care about – through the website, email, txt message, and more.

My “feeds” on flockNote subscribe me to blog posts by Fallible Blogma, CatholicFoodie, daily readings, notes from my Diocese and so many more. According to Matt, there are some great new updates to flockNote coming this Fall, including iPhone and FaceBook apps, tags, direct messaging, widgets and Twitter integration.

Check it out! Notify your parish of this great tool to reach their congregation and improve communication with their flock. Sign up for any number of informative, inspirational and fun feeds. The number of feeds available seem to grown daily.

We had the pleasure of meeting Matt in person at the CNMC back in June. Shelly and I discovered he was in the same college, with the same major, at the same time, as our brother. While they didn’t seem to know each other, it was a great connection.
It was nice to put a face to the person behind flockNote and a great insightful Catholic social commentary, Fallible Blogma. His posts always cause me to stop and think.
Matt’s third site, bringing Catholics on Twitter together is tweet Catholic. Since I’m not on Twitter, I can’t tell you much except there are a lot of great people, some who I didn’t even know were Catholic, listed. It’s worth a trip over there to check it out.


Lisa Henley Jones