Books, Books, and more Books

My nightstand has been taken over by books! I was laughing with Nick from The Catholic Company at the CNMC about how I couldn’t buy anymore books right now because I have so many to read. Then he was laughing when he saw me walking around with a stack of new Patrick Madrid books at the Celebration. It’s an addiction. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. And, I just bought two more this week that I can’t wait to read.

What’s in my stack I’m either currently reading or to be read, you ask?

I found this last one in my car for times when I’m sitting in the dreaded carpool lines…

Since I haven’t started all of these books yet, I can’t endorse or recommend them. How about, as I finish each book, I’ll write a short review to post here? It will be my own 12 step plan (without the 12 steps) to help my book addiction. Oh, and let’s keep this between us. I’ve made fun of my sister for years over her own book addiction, so don’t tell her that I have one also. Shhh.

What are you reading right now or can’t wait to get started on?


Lisa Henley Jones