This weekend Lisa & I attended the Catholic New Media Celebration in San Antonio, meeting Catholic podcasters and bloggers who are using Web 2.0 to spread the message of the Gospel throughout the world. Even though we’ve only been blogging for a little over four months we were warmly welcomed.
The amazing people behind popular SQPN and iTunes podcasts such as iPadre, Catholic Hack, Catholic Under the Hood, TechnoPriest, Catholic in a Small Town, and Catholic Moments/Catholic Mom were just a few who met and spoke at CNMC09 under the organizational skills of Catholic Family podcaster David Sweeney and the leadership of SQPN founder and award-winning Daily Breakfast podcast host Father Roderick.

Shelly and Lisa with Father RoderickThe conference focused its attention on Father Roderick’s mission to follow in St. Paul’s footsteps. Everyone greeted one another with true support and interest. Throughout the weekend attendees offered to lend a hand and encourage success. We attended sessions on new media and the family, how to create an amazing blog, and how to spread the word. I particularly enjoyed Keynote speakers Fr. Dave Dwyer and Patrick Madrid. Lisa & I are excited to tell you much more about the people we heard from and highlight websites in the coming days.

Though the actual CNMC took place in one day-long celebration, many of the participants gathered this morning for Mass at St. Mary’s with the four CNMC priests co-celebrating with Rev. Mike Levy, assisted by Deacon Tom. After spending a day making connections with Fr. Roderick, Fr. Seraphim, Fr. Finelli, and Fr. Kessler, it was a very spiritual moment watching all five priests consecrate the Host with Deacon Tom kneeling before the altar.

Mass at St. Mary's

The Gospel came from Mark 5:21-43 and Fr. Levy focused his homily on the connection with Christ. That Jesus heals both with his touch and with his word. It is this connection in Christ that binds us together.

Connection is a word we heard about throughout the weekend as we focused on how we connect with people in today’s society through the internet via blogging, social networks, or podcasting.

We were also reminded that the online connection translates into a physical connection as evidenced by the attendance at this celebration.

CNMC attendees on the steps of St. Mary's
This weekend, Lisa and I met and made new friends, real connections. We look forward to sharing those new friends with you.

Perhaps a more accurate name for the CNMC would be the Catholic New Media Connection.


Shelly Henley Kelly