Lent is Here

Lent, in current times, is observed by many Protestants as well as Catholics. Obvious outward signs such as ashes on the forehead, fasting, abstinence from meat on Fridays have evolved into a deeper meaning of a time of reflection, sacrifice and conversion.
While listening to a Lenten CatholicMoments podcast last year, I heard a great list of 40 Lenten Resolutions. If you are like me and tend to stick with the same resolutions year after year, this list might open your eyes to the possibilities during this period of preparation. The list incoporates both the idea of self -sacrifice and positive sacrifice with adding extra spiritual time as a way to celebrate this time of preparation.

It got me thinking of what have been the best Lenten observations for my family over the years.  

If you are helping your children celebrate Lent, 2 great places to look for assistance are:

Lent is for Children by Julie Kelemen
Lenten Adventure by Holy Heros – A free web & email based adventure through Lent

How are you choosing to observe Lent? What would be on your list of top Lenten Resolutions? Share with us in the comments section.


Lisa Henley Jones