Year End Reflections

by | Dec 27, 2023 | Podcast

It’s been a year of laughter, learning, and introspection. We’ve shared our hearts openly, discussing deeply personal topics like our family’s battle with dementia, and Alzheimer’s and we’ve been inspired by our first-time podcast guests. In the latest Of Sound Mind and Spirit podcast episode 032: Year End Reflections, we invite you to cozy up with your drink of choice and tune into our end of year wrap up episode.

Year End Reflections from Of Sound Mind and Spirit Podcast with Lisa and Shelly

End of Year Reflection Questions

In the episode, Lisa and Shelly give the answers to the following questions, and ask you, the listener how you would answer the questions for your own year.

  • What was something you learned this year?
  • What made you laugh out loud this year?
  • Of the books you read this year, which one was your favorite or most impactful?
  • What did you do for the first time this year?
  • What is something you’re looking forward to doing next year that you didn’t do this year?
  • What is something that happened or your experienced that you will remember (for good reasons)?

From laugh-out-loud moments during reverse charades to the profound impact of books like “The Dazzling Light of God”, Lisa & Shelly’s year has been a journey of joy, learning, and sharing.

Impactful Books in 2023

Laugh Out Loud Games

Lisa and Shelly discuss their favorite laugh out loud moments of the year which involved games played by their family. Their two favorite games mentioned were able to be played by three generations together.

Of Sound Mind and Spirit Podcast with special guest - Our Mom!

Our Favorite Of Sound Mind and Spirit Podcasts

One of the most memorable things for Lisa and Shelly in 2023 was starting our Of Sound Mind and Spirit podcast. In this latest podcast episode we discuss our favorite episodes so far in our podcast journey. The list of our favorite episodes are below for you to catch up on any episodes you’ve missed. I’ll leave you to listen to the podcast episode to hear why each of these were our favorites so far.

Podcast Episodes about Spiritual Reading

End of Year Spiritual Reflection

If you are interested in a Spiritual End of Year Reflection, we invite you to consider the one we will each pray as we enter the new year. It is the Examen Prayer for the Year by Vinita Hampton Wright on

Lisa Henley Jones and Shelly Henley Kelly laugh over coffee

So grab your favorite holiday beverage, and settle in with us. Let’s reminisce, laugh, and reflect on this year end together. Remember the spiritual treasures—the lessons from our opening episode on God’s Love to the wisdom in “Following Mary to Jesus”—and let’s celebrate our differing viewpoints that only make us stronger. It’s all coming up on this special End of Year episode of “Of Sound Mind and Spirit.”

Of Sound Mind and Spirit Podcast

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