Who I Am, According to the Media

by | Jul 1, 2013 | Politics

Today we welcome my husband, Brian, as a guest blogger here at Of Sound Mind and Spirit.  This is his second time writing for us.  Thank you Brian for allowing us to share your words.


This morning, I woke up and started going about my usual routine. Step one, jump in the shower, step two, brush my teeth, iron my shirt, assemble my breakfast and lastly kiss my wife and children on my way out of the house. Today started out as a day not unlike any other. Sometime during the twenty minute drive between my home and my office I started to think about some of the more recent current events occurring in this country. There is a murder trial underway in Florida that has been twisted by the media from a one-on-one confrontation into a proxy show of racial division, there was a bill defeated in the Texas Legislature due to protestors in the gallery interfering with elected government process, and lastly an immigration bill passed the United States Senate that appears to be more of a spending bill than an immigration reform bill. Again, just more of the same. 
 As I continued my drive, I begin to think about the way the media and those that label themselves as “progressive” frame their arguments for justifying their actions. I challenged myself to think of an instance where a positive message was used in defense of criticism to an item on the progressive agenda. In each case, I failed to find one. I have come to the conclusion that the reason this is the case is very simple; the progressive agenda at its core is designed to destroy and silence opposing beliefs. Ironically, constructive dialog and intellectual discussion are not an option for the self-proclaimed “intellectual class”, just simple militaristic destruction. Therefore, a scorched earth policy to belittle, demonize and demoralize opposing views is developed and executed for every political and social issue. This is a top-down approach that has been nearly perfected by those currently pushing the progressive agenda. 
 I have come to the conclusion that the only response to this type of attack is to accept the criticism and admit to the charges levied, no matter how absurd they might be. I will begin my absolution process with the following admissions of implied guilt and I accept all of the labels implied by the progressive movement: 
  • I must be an absolutely horrible person, because the media parrots it, over and over.  
  • I oppress women because I believe in protecting the lives of unborn children, the most perfect and innocent among us.
  • I am intolerant because I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman.
  • I am a racist because I believe affirmative action is State sponsored discrimination. 
  • I am outdated because I believe competition in the private industry drives innovation.
  • I am greedy because I want to keep most of the money in which I work hard and sacrifice to earn.
  • I am a cynic because I believe government officials intrude in the lives of responsible citizens.
  • I am an extremist because I believe in the right to defend myself against those that would do my family harm.
  • I am close-minded because I question climate data collected by scientists that has been disputed and admittedly doctored to fit their agenda. 
  • I am a bigot because I believe non-citizens should obey the laws of this land.
  • I am heartless because I believe people should take responsibility for their actions.
  • I am a fanatic because I believe my fellow man should be free, not ruled by the State.
  • I am nonsensical because I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and His ultimate charge to be loving brothers and not adversaries. 
This is who I am, plain and simple. Like my father before me, and his father before him. I was taught not to take from others. I was taught not to break the law. I was taught that children are sacred, no matter what their age. I was taught women have a choice, but not a second choice out of convenience. I was taught that racial discrimination, by any other name, is still discrimination. I was taught that government bureaucracy does not invent anything. I was taught that I am more capable of managing my treasure than the government collective. I was taught that it is my sole duty to protect the lives of my family against those that would do them harm. I was taught that it is my God given right to be free to make choices and to make mistakes. I was taught that during my lifetime I will consistently fail at something. I was taught that failure is the best teacher. I was taught to treat others as I would like to be treated. I was taught to turn the other cheek, once, but to defend myself against an aggressor. I was taught to forgive, but not forget. Lastly, I was taught that one day I would be judged, but not by man. 
Clearly, I’m a horrible person. I just needed the mainstream media to tell me one, more, time.