Top Blog Posts of 2012

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Happy New Year!  Can you believe we are at the start of a new year?  Where did 2012 go?
Shelly left her career as an archivist, started a new career adventure and moved closer to me this year.  My year found me working more helping businesses interact with social media while planning my Catholic parish’s first Vacation Bible School (VBS) and remaining a stay at home mom to my kids.
One of our top experiences of the year was attending and presenting at the Catholic New Media Conference (CNMC) by SQPN in Dallas, Texas.  We’ve celebrated the amazing experience of the CNMC in many posts over the years, but this year was very special because Shelly and I had the opportunity to work together on a presentation. Lots of sister bonding for us.
A suggestion today from Lisa & Joel at The Practicing Catholic encouraged me to reflect on our blog posts here at Of Sound Mind and Spirit from 2012.  Not surprising was the discovery that this busy year led to the smallest number of posts in a year from our four years of blogging together, but the most read posts offer a diversity of spirit and topic.
  1. Glory Awaits Us At The End of a Difficult Journey
  2. Back in the Real World After the CNMC
  3. Q&A About Catholic Family Fun
  4. Experience Catholic New Media Conference From Home
  5. Response to Obama’s “You Didn’t Build That”
  6. Catholic and Pregnant. A Resource for Mothers
  7. How to Remember 9/11 Today
  8. What Do Catholics Believe About Death?
  9. MagnifiKid! – Supporting Kids Living the Faith
  10. 6 Tips for Teaching Religious Education
What I love about this collection of posts is that two of them are guest posts written by our dad. Go Dad!  He will be thrilled to know that his two guests posts of the year are among our most popular. Dad, check your inbox, I’m sure you’ll find an invitation from your daughters to write another one!
An interesting takeaway from reviewing the statistics on our blog posts from 2012 was that all our top posts, written by us, were reflections on our faith. When we started blogging years ago, the majority of our posts were political in nature, but slowly God has turned our hearts and our focus to reveal more of our personal spiritual journey through our writing.  It is nice to see that reflected in our top blog posts for 2012.
There are a few favorite posts of mine that didn’t make the list.  It is interesting to see that while they were personal and difficult for me to write they might not have struck a chord with our audience.  Or maybe, they found exactly whom they were meant to find.
I’ll leave you with the questions asked by friends Lisa & Joel on their Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012.  Shelly and I thank you for sticking with us through our busy year and can’t wait to hear your answers.

Questions: readers, what’s your advice for us? What resonates with you? Fellow bloggers, have you taken a similar inventory? What are you learning from your 2012 analysis?

Lisa Jones