Catholic Voting Guide App

Catholic Vote; Voting Guide
Catholic Voting Guide App
This year, there is no shortage of people telling you how to vote as a Catholic Christian in the upcoming Presidential elections, but it is up to each of us to discern an informed vote before approaching the polling place.  The question is, where do I find a non-partisan source to guide my decision in this intensely political world?  Well, I’m glad to say, there’s an App for that!
The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy has released a non-partisan guide to help voters make intelligent decisions this November and in future elections.  The Catholic Voting Guide is a free app available for the iPhone, Android and Windows phones and devices. The official description at the iTunes store states, “This application helps you cast a responsible vote using a well-formed conscience based on Catholic moral principles.”
Catholic Vote, Voting App
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With clear, concise language, the Catholic Voting Guide walks you through the six vital issues that every citizen, regardless of religious belief, should weigh in casting his or her ballot – Right to Life, Religious Liberty, Sanctity of Marriage, Private Property, Access to Essential Goods and War & Peace.  Each vital issue is identified, represented by a picture and briefly explained with a focus on the key moral value at stake.
We have a duty and obligation to participate in the political process for the common good and vote in each election.  This free Voting Guide app can be used by anyone, regardless of religious belief, to walk through the values and principles important to Catholics, all Christians and to each American voter.  

“Parties change; candidates change; political issues change, but Catholic Values are the same yesterday, today … and forever.” Fr. JohnTrigilio, President of the CCC