How do Moderates Pick a Candidate?

by | Aug 20, 2012 | Politics, Vote

What do Indepedent Voters want in a candidate?
In less than three months, Americans must decide which direction our country will go. It’s as simple as that. Our country’s two major parties are separated by a gulf of ideological differences.
What’s fascinating to me is that there are roughly 20% of American voters who declare themselves independent, that is purposefully unaffiliated with either of the two major parties. Very simplistically, if about 40% of voting Americans are registered Republicans and another 40% are registered Democrats, then there are approximately 20% of voters who pride themselves on not belonging or subscribing to one particular view of either party will decide my future.
That got me to wondering how independents discern the appropriate candidate in this election? How do they decide which candidate meets their idea of what’s best for our country? Perhaps they don’t like the hard line of the left or right so they choose to be centrists.

I’m very curious what issues appeal the truly important independent voters.

What core values do they honestly believe in?

What are they looking for in a candidate?

Because I also honestly know that there is no one candidate who is going to be a perfect match for every belief valued by all people in every state, town, community, and sometimes even every member of a family.

If you are an independent voter, what is important to you? The economy? Social Issues? Likeability?

What are you looking for to help you make your decision this November?