Felicia Harris for Congress

When she started campaigning last August for the US House of Representatives, Felicia Harris had zero name recognition and faced eight men in the primary. Despite the odds, she won a run-off position for Ron Paul’s vacant seat in District 14. After recent redistricting, the 14th Congressional District includes much of Brazoria County, Galveston County and Jefferson County, Texas.  Today is the last day for early voting and then it’s a short pause until Tuesday’s runoff election day returns.
Felicia Harris with Shelly, Lisa & their father, Arthur
An attorney specializing in energy and petrochemical business, Felicia seeks to represent a district that spreads across three counties fronting the Gulf Coast, considered the “energy backbone” of Texas. The district includes the largest refinery in the state, five major ports, the entrance of the Houston Ship Channel, and DOW Chemical’s largest facility. The area is so vital to the Texas and US economy that the national Democratic party views it as the 2nd most competitive district to win in the general election.
Within the past month, Felicia Harris received endorsements from both Rep. Ted Poe and Rep. Pete Olson, who went on record stating that they believe Felicia is the best candidate to defeat the challenger in the November election. Their word means something since both of them defeated the exact same Democrat challenger, Nick Lampson, in their own elections to Congress. She also earned an endorsement from NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz, who is known to be a no-nonsense “Failure is not an option” guy.
As she travels across the three-county district introducing herself, the two biggest issues that people want to discuss with her are increased regulations and the impending impact of Obamacare on families and businesses
Personally, Felicia is very sharp, focused, and quietly firm in her message and stance. A woman of common-sense, she is running to make a difference and has the courage to do it with integrity. She defends herself from her opponents attacks, but is more interested in laying out her strengths, pointing to her record developed while serving on the Pearland City Council where she stood firm on issues and voted as she promised.
A graduate of Texas A&M, when elected she will be the first female Aggie in the US House of Representatives.
In an election where many are concerned about the health of the US economy, Felicia’s experience as a lawyer in the energy and petrochemical business makes her the most qualified candidate to represent the best interests of the people and businesses in the district.

If you live in District 14, please cast a vote Tuesday for Felicia Harris for Congress.

Felicia Harris for Congress, District 14


Shelly Henley Kelly