GOP Economic Debate Focuses on Future

by | Oct 12, 2011 | Economy, Politics

Last night’s Republican Presidential Debate hosted by Bloomberg Network focused entirely on the economy, exactly as it should.  The debate format allowed for all eight candidates to sit around a table to discuss topics in a less formal setting. 
Overall, after the two-hour debate concluded, I felt good about the current crop of candidates.  Many have bold, specific plans for America and appear to be focused in the right direction toward putting our nation on the path to prosperity. 
Discussions on cutting federal spending, restricting the size of government, returning personal freedoms back to individuals took precedence.  All were in agreement that government must get off the back of the working person, return manufacturing jobs to the US, develop our natural resources and create an environment where banks and businesses are confident about investing in our future.
They argued over specifically how to lower the tax and regulatory burden on American citizens and enterprise, but agreed that for America to succeed, we must free up the small businessman and entrepreneur to risk their capital to succeed or fail.
Almost all the candidates have economic policies centered on conservative principles that I agree with in part.  Of course, no one candidate is a perfect match for my top tier issues, but the debate left me comfortable with many of the individuals in the race. 
The most important thing now is for candidates to drive the focus and conversation toward ideas and innovation that will move our country forward.  We need more dialogue on potential solutions to the issues facing working Americans in their everyday lives.  This is still not the time to narrow our field to any one candidate, but to remain open, listen to their proposals, and see how they develop, so we can find the best candidate to represent us in the next election. 
Governor Perry reminded us at the end of the debate that the most important thing we can do to help move America toward job creation–the best thing that can be done to get Americans working again–is to Replace Obama.  With that goal in sight, we look forward to the 2012 elections.