GOOOH – Get Out Of Our House

by | Oct 26, 2011 | Congress, Politics

In this charged political climate, does that grab your attention?  It did mine when I met a representative of GOOOH (pronounced “Go”) in Houston a few months ago.  This grass roots, non-partisan system allows a community to choose a citizen representative to serve their district in the House of Representatives. 

GOOOH founder, Tim Cox, believes the problem with the current political system lies with career politicians who are more focused on their reelection and power than affecting positive change for our nation.  The GOOOH goal is to select, support and fund average citizens interested in representing their district in the US House, but not interested in becoming career politicians.  This concept of citizen representative has a long history in our nation starting at our founding and can still be found in Texas among the Texas State Representatives.

This is not a third party option.  Each candidate, when selected by the local members of GOOOH will mount a primary campaign in their state and district with the support and funding of the GOOOH organization.  This non-partisan organization is not affiliated or supported by a political party and does not endorse a political platform of any kind. 

A visit to their well designed website will not only give you more definitive information on their mission, but also enable you to sign up to be a potential candidate for your district. The candidate questionnaire is extremely detailed with questions from all over the political spectrum.

If you are in Texas, the first GOOOH candidate selection meeting will be held on Saturday, November 5 at locations throughout the state.