Free Ultrasounds/Sonograms Outside Houston Abortion SuperCenter

by | Feb 8, 2011 | Life, Prayer

The Houston Coalition for Life is now operating a Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Unit (MCPU) offering free ultrasounds and sonograms to abortion vulnerable women in front of Planned Parenthood of Houston’s Abortion Supercenter.  With the addition of the MCPU, staffers and volunteers at Houston Coalition for Life will have the opportunity to lovingly provide choices and information to women and girls who feel they are left without a choice other than abortion.
When Planned Parenthood of Houston, now Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, unveiled the location for  the largest abortion facility in the United States and Western Hemisphere a few years ago, the Houston Coalition for Life investigated locations close by for a new Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC).  Finding no available locations for a CPC, Houston Coalition for Life, a pro-life non-profit organization dedicated to ending abortions in Houston through peaceful and legal means, started fundraising for the first Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Unit (MCPU) in the Houston area. 
A recent news report filmed outside Planned Parenthood of Houston discussing the Texas Sonogram Bill, introduced viewers to this new bus where staffers provide free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds and counseling to Houston women in crisis.  Studies show that between 70-90% of women who are shown an ultrasound of their baby choose Life for their child.  By providing free sonograms to abortion vulnerable women, these volunteers have the potential to affect the lives of thousands of unborn children a year.
With over 8,000 surgical abortions performed in Houston a year, it is reported that the new mega abortion center on the Gulf Freeway in Houston performs an average of 27 surgical abortions a day, 6 days a week.  This is roughly one third of all surgical abortions a day in Houston. This 78,000 square foot building houses surgical suites capable of performing late term abortions up to 24 weeks and serves as headquarters for 12 other Planned Parenthood clinics in the region.
The Houston Coalition for Life also organizes peaceful prayer vigils outside the abortion clinic at 4600 Gulf Freeway to not only pray for women in crisis, but to also offer loving alternatives to women approaching the clinic.