VOTE – Today’s The Day!

by | Nov 2, 2010 | Politics, Vote

Today’s the Day!  For almost two years average Americans have been waking up, pushing back from the kitchen table, and paying attention to the direction our government is taking.

We’ve attended Tea Party rallies, called our Congressmen, attended Town Hall meetings and discussed current political issues with our friends and neighbors.

Many of us say we want Washington to hear us, to understand us, to finally get our message of smaller, more responsible government.

Today’s the Day!  Turning out to vote today will send a message to not only Washington, but also to the media, political pundits and our fellow Americans.  We will tell them that commonsense is alive in our country.

This is it.  The first step in getting our country headed back in the right direction.  To save our children and grandchildren from insurmountable government debt.  To head back to the First Principles our country was founded upon.  Today’s the Day!

Take Pride in the Freedom and Rights of your country.  VOTE!