Historic Election…Now the Hard Work Begins

by | Nov 3, 2010 | Politics, Vote

Waking up to these historic election results felt great this morning. Overwhelmingly, Americans came out in support of pro-life conservative Republican candidates. Even in states that are considered true blue, conservatives were elected in many House Districts. It was a great night for conservative Republican Governors with most of the gubernatorial elections going red.
Last year, Time magazine proclaimed Republicans an endangered species, assuming like so many others, that Obama’s election signaled a mandate for big government in our country. However, the message sent by American voters yesterday remind us that our nation is still a center-right country that believes in our nation’s founding principles.
I realize that there are pundits and talking heads downplaying the significance of the election results, focusing on specific Senate races not won in the conservative wave. Don’t listen to them. Just look at the facts.
  • Republicans picked up 65 House seats
  • Biggest wave of change since Republicans took over the House in 1938
  • Republicans picked up 6 Senate seats (with a few more still not finalized)
  • Elected a pro-life woman to the Senate in NH
  • The National Right to Life lists 84 elections won by Pro-Life politicians
  • 60 of the 90 elections targeted by pro-life group SBA List were won by Pro-life supporters (with 22 races not finalized).
  • A CNN exit poll shows the GOP won 53% of the Catholic vote, a huge shift from 2008 when a majority of Catholic voters supported a pro-abortion Obama for President.

There are many results to be excited about and proud of today. But, now the hard work begins.
This election was just the first step. We still have a long hard battle in front of us to return our country to it’s First Principles. We have sent a powerful message to our Government and our representatives. But this is not the end. It is only the beginning.
There will be those in government and in both parties who still don’t understand or comprehend this message. They will try to nullify this movement towards fiscally responsible smaller government in order to hold onto their power. It will take several election cycles to clear out those who do not love the founding of our country and do not want to return to smaller, more fiscally responsible government.
The fight continues. We must not go back to sleep. It is time to take this energy and continue on. It is our responsibility to preserve our great nation for future generations.