Don’t Get Distracted – Just Vote

by | Oct 28, 2010 | Politics, Vote

With the election less than five days away, reports of alleged voter fraud are coming in from various counties and states across the country.  Allegedly, our military men and women serving our great nation overseas are being prevented from voting in at least two states, IL and NY.  And there is the spin that if the Republican party takes over the House and Senate in this election, it will actually help President Obama pass his agenda and ensure his reelection in 2012.
Does this constant news leave you feeling a bit discouraged about Election Day next week? Are you concerned that your vote won’t count? Or that possibly the voting machine won’t accurately record your vote?
Or are you on the opposite spectrum, so confident that the rolling tide will sweep out the big spenders and big government supporters that you might not make the effort to vote on Tuesday?  After all, the pundits and polls all show a huge unprecedented sweep for the Conservative candidates.
Now is the time to keep your focus and determination. Do not be distracted by the news, the pundits or political insiders. Your greatest responsibility right now is simply to vote.  Don’t worry about the alleged fraud, voter intimidation, or rolling tide. Educate yourself on the candidates and issues, pray about your choice, and then make it a priority to go to the polls and vote.
If you feel particularly motivated to do something, there is still time to donate money or time to a candidate in your area or a challenger facing an uphill battle.  Poll watchers are still needed to document any possible voter fraud or incidents of voter intimidation.  Engage in polite, respectful discussions with your friends and neighbors about the candidates and issues, and encourage them to exercise their moral and public duty by showing up to vote on Tuesday. 


Lisa Henley Jones