GOP Unite

by | Sep 21, 2010 | Congress, Politics

Over the weekend, establishment Republicans continued to disparage GOP candidates.  Even those like John Cornyn, R-Senator from TX, who states he now supports all Republican candidates, reveals he might not believe his own words by his lack of enthusiasm for the candidates.  In an interview with Laura Ingraham on Friday, John Cornyn, the Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee said he just wants to support the most conservative candidate who can win.   But to use that litmus test of “who can win” you need a crystal ball. It is a subjective argument with no way to prove who is right.

The Republican voters in each district reviewed the candidates and, right or wrong, they made their choice.  The time for arguing over which candidate with the “R” behind their name has the best shot of taking the general election in November is over. 

The Republican Party may be divided on which candidates should represent the GOP for a win in November, but the party is unified in the goal to take back the House and Senate in the November general election.  But, to ensure a victory, we must quit arguing, get behind each and every one of our Republican candidates, and stand for common sense conservative principles that awakened Americans are clamoring for.
The people, through the tea party and grassroots efforts, are telling Republican leaders and strategists that we believe in the First Principles upon which our great nation was founded. Hear us sounding the call for the return to our conservative roots; give us a platform to stand behind for governance.  We don’t want to just vote against something, but to vote FOR something.  By announcing an agenda or another “Contract for America” the party or elected officials can outline for the country their beliefs, ideas and goals and become a magnet to attract like-minded individuals to the party.
As long as Republicans, Conservatives and the Tea Party are united in stopping the President’s agenda and reversing course on the massive spending and deficit increases, we can take back Congress in 6 weeks. 
This increasingly important election will allow the voters to reshape the face of elected politics in Washington for many years.  We can unite as a group to send a message that we do not like the direction the President and his House and Senate are pushing the country down.  Let’s reverse course and preserve our country for future generations.
If there is a year to turn blue states red, 2010 is that year.