Take Control of the Information Flow

by | Aug 31, 2010 | Politics

As a nation, people have grown complacent. Our everyday lives keep us busy, so we trust others to keep watch on the important things far away in the nation’s capitol. You might be aware that this Congress and President have been furiously busy passing massive, unprecedented legislation in the last 20 months. Some names come to mind – Stimulus, Healthcare Reform, Finance Reform.

The questions to ask yourself is, “Do you know whether the massive changes in these new laws are taking our country in a better direction?” “Are you familiar with the details found in these new laws?” and “Do you comprehend how these new laws will affect your everyday life?”

Most Americans probably only know the sound bites and bullet points they’ve seen on the mainstream media. However, I’ve noticed recently that the media reports on all things labeled “reform” or change as good and necessary, without honest debate addressing both sides of the issue. When staunch opposition to these bills come to light, the media reports that opposition exists solely for political or personal gain, without addressing any valid intellectual basis. If you’re perusing traditional networks, newspaper articles or cable news shows, it is difficult to find and recognize an honest presentation of both sides of an issue.

We, as American citizens, can no longer sit back trusting that “others” are staying informed, acting with our best interests, and preserving our liberty for us. We need to take control of our information flow, investigate the issues, identify how they affect our personal lives, and respond in the changing public forum. The time for passivity has passed.


Lisa Henley Jones