Largest Abortion Center in America Opens in Houston

by | Jun 2, 2010 | Life

As the numbers of abortions decrease nationwide, with the polls showing that the American public is growing more and more pro-life, Planned Parenthood of Houston opened the doors on its 78,000 square foot abortion center. Constructed to meet the requirements for late term abortions as set in Texas Health & Safety Code Chapter 171, this facility means Houston is now home to the largest abortion supercenter in the country.

With over 8,000 abortions taking place annually in Houston, Planned Parenthood hopes to increase those numbers with the opening of this supercenter. The facility is positioned at the heart of four super-neighborhoods targeting the resident 90% minority population, those struggling in poverty, and college students at two nearby Universities.
Prayer vigils led by groups such as Texas Families and Houston Coalition for Life during the construction of this abortion supercenter are continuing now that it has opened. On June 12, 2010, the Houston Coalition for Life will be holding its first Walk for Life to raise money for a mobile Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC).

An estimated 70-90% of abortion minded women who view their babies on an ultrasound choose life for their children. A mobile CPC in Houston would assist in providing women with the information they need and are routinely denied when considering an abortion. To walk with Houston Coalition for Life on June 12th or provide a donation to their mobile CPC, visit their website for more details.

Please remember in your prayers the women who find themselves at this clinic, their families, the staff, those outside holding vigil and the unborn who only want a chance at life.