Planned Parenthood’s Lies about Medical Information to Encourage Abortion

by | Apr 15, 2010 | Life

One might expect a person or organization that claims to be pro-choice, would also support an informed choiceLive Action reveals yet again that Planned Parenthood is Pro-Abortion and not Pro-Choice.  For the second time in 4 months, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is exposed on video lying and providing inaccurate medical information to a pregnant woman, encouraging her to have an abortion.   Let’s  not forget that in 2008, they were exposed violating child rape reporting laws, in how they dealt with a 14 year old who presented herself for an abortion.

Rather than supporting women and young girls at a vulnerable and difficult time, Planned Parenthood twists and manipulates the trust placed in them in order to further their profits.  Women seeking their service deserve the truth, about their body, their baby, their health and their options.  We must continue to call for laws requiring full and accurate medical information before an abortion and we must prosecute those who violate these laws.  Businesses like Planned Parenthood should not receive the benefit of the doubt, they should be held in full compliance to the law as well as medical ethics. 
At what point will the American public rise up and demand their tax dollars not be used to give inaccurate and misleading medical information encouraging women to kill their unborn child?  When is enough enough?