Your Voice Needed on Health Care Reform

by | Mar 5, 2010 | Health Care

The threat of the current Health care bill passing still looms large over all of us.  In its current form, it provides for a federal funding of abortion, raises health care costs for all of us, and drastically increases taxes on all working families.

We must press on and not give up.  It is imperative to bring the pressure on the House members who have a chance to stop this bill in its tracks.  If your own representative is on the fence or says they will vote for the bill, let them know where you stand.  Call their office, both the DC office and/or a local office.  Take a few minutes out of your day and walk into a local office for your representative.  Let them put a face to your opposition. 
Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina recommended on the radio yesterday, gathering a few friends to accompany you on a visit to your Representative’s local office.  For even greater impact, call your local newspaper or television station for coverage of your visit.  Follow up with the media to let them know the results of your visit.  Don’t forget, this is an election year and all House Representative are up for re-election in 2010. 
If your Representative is staunchly against the bill be sure and thank them for their representation and vote. They need to know we are behind their position.
As always, please pray.  Not only for God’s will to be done, but continue to ask for His guidance of our elected officials, the health of our nation and for your fellow citizens.  Prayer is powerful.
As we saw at the Health Care Summit last week, there are many alternatives to reform health care that would focus on bringing down costs that are not being considered by the majority and Administration. Representative Paul Ryan from Wisconsin gave a detailed description of the fiscal problems with the President and Democrat’s Health Care bill at the Summit.

Not only does he conclude that this bill creates an unsustainable fiscal liability that we as a country can not afford, he believes in sincere health care reform for our country and has provided a road map of his plan.  The Republicans in the House Budget Committee have a website providing their plans for not only Health Care Reform, but also Tax Reform and Social Security Reform.  It is very informative on the alternatives proposed and worth reading.


Lisa Henley Jones