Another Planned Parenthood Abortion Center Violating Child Rape Laws

by | Feb 25, 2010 | Life

LiveAction has exposed yet another Planned Parenthood abortion center violating child rape reporting laws.  This 10th case documented by the young pro-life group take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In this recent video, a 14 year old presents herself for an abortion and is counseled by the Planned Parenthood health worker to not tell anyone else that her boyfriend is 31.  She was then instructed how to get around the parental notification laws to obtain her abortion

Planned Parenthood’s official response to this video was they would have followed the law and reported the sexual abuse had the young woman given them her name; however, the undercover camera recorded the young woman doing just that.  Their response would be considered a weak attempt at justification of violating state reporting laws, except their official statement is patently false leaving them with no defense to their inaction.

In response to a another Live Action video, authorities in Birmingham, Alabama put a Planned Parenthood clinic on probation earlier this month, after the undercover video by LiveAction revealed 9 violations of sex abuse reporting laws in the clinic. Alabama joins several other states who have initiated investigations into clinics after viewing an unedited Live Action undercover video.

This youth led pro-life nonprofit group has unearthed a disturbing pattern of non-reporting child sexual abuse in Planned Parenthood clinics across the country.  After 10 documented cases in different Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, when will Planned Parenthood open their own investigation into their dangerous and potentially illegal counseling practices? At what point will they make the health and welfare of minor children a priority and enforce the laws that protect the most vulnerable of women?