Update on the Senate Health Care Reform Vote

 To clarify my post yesterday on the Senate Health Care Bill– the vote today, Saturday, is a vote for Cloture, not on the actual passage of the bill.  But, the vote for cloture today is the actual deciding vote on this bill.  Harry Reid needs 60 votes for cloture, to move the bill forward towards a vote for passage, but he only needs 51 votes to pass the bill.  He most definitely has the 51 votes to pass the bill, so the only way to put the breaks on this monstrosity is for the Senate to fall short of the 60 votes for cloture tonight.

A recent study on cloture votes vs bill passage shows bills that passed cloture also go on to pass the Senate at a rate of 97.6% since 1999.

This vote will allow several moderate Democrats the opportunity to vote for the bill before they vote against the bill – an “out” for their reelection in tight states.

A vote for Cloture is a vote for the Health Care Reform Bill!


Lisa Henley Jones