We have a winner!

by | Aug 10, 2009 | Contest

Last week I posted about using Weight Watchers to put an end to creeping weight gain. All told I’ve lost 12 pounds after 8 weeks of the program and even my father commented this weekend about my “new” appearance.

That post also offered a Weight Watchers points clicker to one of our readers who left a comment. We were pleased to have four comments, including one delicious sounding recipe for brownies! I can’t wait to try them.

This morning I pulled a random number and am pleased to announce that the points clicker goes to Bego who keeps a blog titled another cup of coffee. I laughed when I pulled up her blog this morning to contact her because this weekend she wrote a post titled “so, I never win ANYTHING”. She won a Macbook Pro last week. Hm… I know good things come in threes. Maybe she should pick up a lottery ticket tonight.

Thank you to all our readers who leave us comments. We appreciate knowing you’re there. Lisa already has a great idea for another giveaway. It’s a little bigger than a clicker and I know you’ll like it!


Shelly Henley Kelly