What to Blog About?

Over the last few weeks, Shelly and I had been considering tightening the focus of topics on our blog. We wondered if we ran off readers by going back and forth between Faith and Politics with a lot of Pro-Life thrown in. It was on our minds while talking to various bloggers and podcasters at the CNMC this last weekend. Could we attract a solid readership if we don’t have a narrow focus? Do we need to choose a solid direction and only blog on that topic?

I am happy to say that while talking after the CNMC, we’ve decided not to narrow our focus. One of the things we heard over and over during the workshops was “Write about what interests you and nothing else,” “Find your passion. Find your voice. Write about what you love,” and “Go with what you’re good at.” After some time in prayerful reflection on my own passions and interests, I would not be me if I didn’t include all three big topics on my blog. Shelly and I created it as a place to discuss things we didn’t feel appropriate to put on our personal family blogs, so it is only right to include all three.

My three passions or interests include:

  • My Catholic faith – it is a big part of who I am and I have a desire to share my continuing journey of faith with those who are interested.

  • Pro-Life – I first felt a calling to fight for the unborn while pregnant with my son 6 years ago. It started with volunteering as a crisis pregnancy counselor at our local Pregnancy Resource Center, and then has evolved into a more public effort in support of Life.

  • Politics – What can I say about my love of politics? I have a degree in Political Science and while in law school developed a deep love and appreciation for our Constitution and system of government. Even though I gave up practicing law (for now) for mommy-hood, I cannot postpone my passion for our founding principles and country.

Shelly and I do strive to find the right balance between our principle 3 interests on this blog, and I am confident this balance will evolve naturally, as it has in our personal lives.